When love is in the air, let us bring you the perfect end to the perfect day. We can present pyrotechnics at any level for your proposal, engagement party, wedding and any romantic celebration.

From fireworks signs in your names, indoor fountains and special effects, to a major outdoor display.

Confetti cannons to shower you both with large pieces of flutter confetti 30mm x 30mm as you walk in the room or even when you cut your wedding cake, or have a Large 3 foot diameter exploding balloon which lets 100x100mm balloons fall from the roof as you both cut your cake.

We were the first to go wireless for weddings and have updated our system to keep in front of all our competitors.

Our wireless remote system can be set up in minutes so that no one needs to know what is happening no messy wires to trip over, small enough so they do not impact on the wedding photo’s or video.

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