Eyelash Extensions

It’s time to bat those gorgeous lashes!

If you want to finish off your make-up and draw attention to your eyes, then eyelash extensions are a worthwhile valuable investment. Our expert technician will apply individual eyelashes to create an incredibly professional and stylish effect.

Create the look you’re after with our eyelash extensions

Like our professional hairstyling and make-up, our eyelash extensions can be applied to create any effect you want. From a more natural look to full luscious glamorous lashes, we can provide you with your desired result.

Imagine being able to forget about mascara for a month!

That’s right! Our professional eyelash extensions will last up to one month. Imagine going away on holiday or your honeymoon and waking up with gorgeous eyelashes! If you’re spending time next to the pool or at the beach, you don’t have to worry: you are free to swim without having to worry about your eyelash extensions. It’s the ultimate in convenience and effectiveness.

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